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Powering Tours


Build a tour in less than 5 minutes

It is incredibly easy to create a tour in Panoroo. But do not let that simplicity fool you, we have all the features you would expect from a good tour builder, without the difficulty of use.

Remote Control

Guide your clients in a tour to help them understand the advantages of your properties. You are practically there in the house with them. Nothing get better than this.

Click to Call

Make it easy for the customer to contact you and have a live Zoom like meeting without paying international bills.

Share your tours everywhere ( safely )

Panoroo shares your tours everywhere securedly. You can now share your tours with people you trust, no more worries of people stealing your tours or even your business.

VR Mode

If you have a pair of VR google, Panoroo allows you 

Giga Pixel Resolution

Panoroo is the only 360 tour that can do giga pixel resolution on the web with no software downloads, there is nothing out there that can do this level of resolution.

Mobile Editor

Build 360° virtual tours on your phone, laptop not required!


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