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What is a scene ?

A scene is a single panorama. One virtual tour is made up of one or more scenes.

How many panorama pictures I can upload in the free plan?

You can upload up to 4 scenes per tour.

How does the scenes limit work?

The scene limit indicates the total number of panoramas you can upload.

Once you exceed the scene limit, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher plan to increase the limit

Are scenes reusable?

Yes scenes can be reused. If you delete a scene, it will increase the remaining scenes.

Is the Panoroo subscription refundable?

No, the Panoroo subscription is not refundable.

Can the subscription be cancelled anytime?

Yes you can cancel your subscription at any point in time. Once you cancel your subscription, the account will revert back to the FREE account at the end of the subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to “My Account”, click on the ‘Change’ button beside the subscription and select the ‘FREE’ plan.

What happens to my existing tours after I cancel my subscription?

Your tours will be disabled and your viewers will not see anything.

Is the software cloud-based ?

Yes it is cloud based.

How do we get rid of the "Sign up for free" mention?

You need to buy the white labelling add-on. You can even buy the white-labelling add-on with a free account.

White Labelling Basic will remove the “sign up for free” logo.

White Labelling Full will remove the “sign up for free” logo and the “Made with Panoroo” logo.

Is there an education discount?

Absolutely… We love educators!

Please contact us for details.

Offline Tours?

We currently do not have support for offline tours

Is a special camera needed to use this program? Can I use my smartphone to take panoramas?

Yes, you can use your iPhone native camera app, or the “Google Cardboard Camera” app to take totake partial panoramas

However if you want to take a full panoramic from floor to ceiling, you will need a special 360° camera like the Ricoh Theta S or Insta360 One.