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Tutorial 2: Adding Images from a 360 camera

Jul 1, 2018


A scene is a 360 image. There are 2 ways of creating a 360 image. In this tutorial you will be adding scenes from a 360 camera. We are using the Theta S. You should have your images imported into your PC or Mobile Phone. Here is a sample of a 360 image.These are spherical cameras which will render a full 360 image already.

With Panoroo, you can import multiple images at the same time. Do note that, you should not close or change the window until all images are UPLOADED. You can close the window once the images are uploaded.

Step 1: Select the Upload Icon

Step 2: Select Upload 360 Images

Step 3: If using PC or Mac, Select all the images you want to upload.

Step 4: Click Open.

Step 5: Wait for the Upload for all images to complete before closing or continuing other opertions. The server will continue to process your images even after you close the window.